How to get cash for your house

Send us your info. We’ll evaluate your house and set a time to meet with you. We’ll inspect your house with you and make an offer. At closing, you get paid.

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We buy houses. Plain and simple. Most of the houses we buy are in need of repair. But, that’s not a requirement. We have a variety of ways we can invest in properties. Some may become rentals, some we may fix up and resell, some we may flip to a different investor. We’re here to help you. Is your house going into default and you want to save your credit score? Did you inherit a house you do not want to deal with? Want to sell your house but it needs work before it will qualify for traditional financing so you’d rather just sell it for cash? We’re the ones to call.

Send Us Your Info

We’ll do some market research on your neighborhood and get back to you.

Property Inspection

We’ll come out to the property to inspect the house, compare notes and give you a reasonable cash offer.

Close and Get Paid

If you accept our offer we set the closing date and you get paid. No surprises. Fast and easy. Everyone wins.

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